Why the Vivi Nova Kit is value for money

Why the Vivi Nova Kit is value for money.


 Clearomizers and cartomizers are made as disposable items, they have an estimated life span if 14-60 days meaning you need to purchase a new unit at regular intervals. The beauty of the Vivi Nova kit means you only have to purchase a replacement part rather than the whole unit. Saving you money in the process.

The Vivi Nova kit is a rebuildable Clearomizer kit that comes with 3 different atomizer heads.

The value of having the Vivi Nova rebuildable tank is simply genius. When your regular clearomizer unit stops producing vapour you are forced to throw the whole unit out and purchase a whole new one.

The Vivi Nova however allows you to simply remove the old atomizer head and replace it with a new one. Once that atomizer head has burnt out you can simply repeat the process and still you’re not throwing away the whole unit. The atomizer heads come with the Vivi Nova kit in 3 different resistances, 2.8 Ohm, 2.4 Ohm and 1.8 Ohm meaning you can control the performance of your electronic cigarette with a resistance that suites you. The lower the Ohm of the atomizer head the more vapour you electronic cigarette will produce.

The Vivi Nova Kit saves you from having to buy a whole new tank every time it stops producing vapour. Gecigarette also sell the Vivi Nova atomizer heads separately so you can continue using your tank with an atomizer head of your preferred resistance. There is no need to buy the whole unit again when you only need to buy a replacement part. This being said it stands to reason that the Vivi Nova kit will not only give you the perfect desired throat hit to the individual user, it will also save you money in the long run. 

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