The Return Of Social Smoking


Cool No Longer

The cigarette used to have amazing social graces before it became evident that people were paying a very heavy price for the cool of the cigarette. So many adverts and celebrities from the 20th century were pictured with it because it had the power to relax, to imbue the smoker with a suave sophistication that radiated over others and even attracted them. This, of course, is a far cry from the truth, with a whole host of deadly respiratory and circulatory system diseases now associated with it. Tobacco and tar have effectively put an end to the concept that the cigarette was cool. The laws and regulations from the government in the United Kingdom has forced many to quit and others to cut down or smoke outside. Suddenly, cigarettes have gone from cool to being a quite anti-social act.



Over the past few years however, what seemed to initially be a fad for e-cigarettes has taken hold. Internet forums and pubs alike have lit up, asking the question “what is an e cigarette?” Suddenly, smoking, or vaping as it is now often termed, seems to have a new cool! At Genesis Electronic Cigarette we provide high quality alternatives to traditional smoking, alternatives that don’t come with the same health implications. The absence of that all important ingredient - tobacco - has removed the associated health risks, while the ingredient that made smoking so pleasurable has been retained. Nicotine is no more addictive nor harmful than caffeine and by vaporising it with our e-cigs, you can enjoy all of those great feelings. These devices work by heating up the liquid contained in the cartridge until it turns into a vapour which is then inhaled. If you are wondering whether this is safe, our devices have received European MSGS certification, European CE Certification and RoHS Certification.


Social Graces

Of the many complaints about cigarettes, one of the biggest social disagreements was the smell. Even if you didn’t smoke, you could go to a pub and end up smelling like a regular smoker. The problem was even worse for smokers. This has been effectively cured however by e-cigarettes which leave very little or no lingering smell. Many people choose to buy electronic cigarette online because they can also order the many diverse flavours that are available. Once flavours like chocolate are vaporised and exhaled, they disappear almost instantly. Suddenly, one of the biggest disagreements to social smoking has vanished.


This also removes the danger from second hand smoke. With no tar or tobacco fumes for others to inhale there is nothing for other people to worry about.



Which E-Cig Is Right For You? 

Our flagship device is the 510 ecig. This is consistently recommended by smokers who are looking for a reliable device that takes little maintenance and is very competitively priced. Considering just a few packs of cigarettes could cost more than the Complete 510 kit does to buy, vaping can really help you to make significant savings while also lasting much longer.


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