Getting to grips with electronic cigarettes


The electronic cigarette is an increasingly common sight in the UK, and it’s not hard to see why. After all, lots of public places are now subject to the smoking ban, meaning people can’t just light up and puff away in the pub, a restaurant or even in a train or bus station. For addicts, this can be a real challenge and many people are choosing to get around this by using e cigs.


The facts

Despite having seen these items around, you might not be sure exactly what they are and how they work. Before you hand your money over for one, it’s a good idea to get the full low down on the products.


Here at Genesis we’re experts when it comes to these items. We sell battery powered cigarettes that provide a dose of nicotine through the inhalation of a vaporised solution. They look and taste like traditional cigarettes, but they don’t emit the same odour or pose the same health risks. The items don’t contain any of the various cancer causing chemicals found in traditional cigs. Also, you can choose between nicotine and nicotine-free cartridges.


It’s also worth noting that because their vapour evaporates with a few seconds, their use isn’t restricted by anti-smoking laws. 


Saving you cold hard cash  

As well as reducing the risks to your health and enabling you to smoke in public, these products can also save you cash. They are proven to eliminate up to 50 per cent of annual smoking expenses.


If you’re feeling the pinch, this might put a smile on your face. Just think what you could do with all that extra money in your pocket!


Take your pick  

To help ensure our customers get the best experiences, we offer a variety of e-liquids in different volumes and flavours. For example, as well as various tobacco-type experiences, we offer alternatives like coffee, cola and chocolate flavours. We even have a VG e-liquid that’s designed for people who are allergic to our standard e-liquid.


It is safe?

Of course, before you go ahead and order these products, you’re bound to want to know that they’re safe.


All of our items have been thoroughly examined and tested by various internationally recognised regulatory bodies and safety organisations, meaning you can enjoy total confidence when you invest in them.


See for yourself

Just like smoking real cigarettes, there’s no way to know how it actually feels until you’ve tried it, so if you’re intrigued by these items, it could be time to buy an electronic cigarette online. You might be surprised by how genuine the experience feels.


If you want to minimise the health risks posed by smoking and be able to smoke in public, these products could be ideal for you.

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