Genesis Echo (GECigarette) | Review Portuguesa

At the first look, it looks like an Ego with Shapped Cartos.

It performs really well, batteries will most likely last you 1 full day, and a very easy-to-use device.
As I’ve started with the Ego-T devices, I had no issues at all using this device, and this one performs better than the Ego-T

(not much of a fan of “cold” temperature systems).

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31/01/2012 14:38
I started with the SKYCIG, and it was great value at £ 9odd for the starter kit, you get a charger/ carry cig pack size, case, which holds your spare battery, and some vaps, you charge the e.cig from the case, not the mains, so you need to keep the case charged up, i found it good value, but, the batteries are too small, and dont last very long, the GENESIS, i ordered yesterday, came today, in the mornings post, so kudos to the team for prompt delivery, the battery is quite larger than the skycig one, so lots better, the cartridges are refillable, and so easy to do, [ sky cig is not refillable, although you can fill them, but very messy, ] you dont get the case with Gensis, [ but you can always find something that will do the job, ] SO, i find the Gensis, the better buy, and better system,, i think i shall be staying with them,, cheers,,
31/10/2012 09:19
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15/07/2013 17:36
Hi, I have just heard about the EU, trying to interfere with E-ciggies, the following is what a Liberal MEP sent me today:-

But by far the most important vote concerned electronic cigarettes, which are regarded by some as a potential game-changer in the fight to reduce smoking and cut the death rates. E-cigs can look like replicas of conventional cigarettes but usually the users take a pull from a stainless steel vessel. They get the nicotine buzz of a cigarette but without the tobacco. Nicotine may stimulate the heart and pose some health problems but it is nothing compared to the tobacco smoke that kills 700,000 people in Europe every year.
Before the committee were two alternatives - one that will severely restrict the use of e-cigs in many parts of Europe by classifying them as medicinal products (because of the nicotine, but in that case why aren't cigarettes classified as 'medicinal'?)', and one from the Liberals that called for them simply to comply with general product safety requirements but otherwise for them to be as available to adults as tobacco.
I'm sorry to say that the latter was defeated 45-25, although as e-cigs are such a new concept I doubt if the supportive amendment would have gained as many as five votes just months ago. We shall try again in Parliament in September, but it will be an uphill struggle. The shame of it is I have little doubts that e-cigs could extend the lives of hundreds of thousands of addicted smokers, and I regret the idea that MEPs and governments want to make them more difficult to obtain than conventional cigarettes.

Could some one at Genesis find out what is going on, and let us know?