All about our new Lifetime Membership Program!

All about our new Lifetime Membership Program:


We would like to introduce our new Lifetime Membership Program which will replace the existing Reward Points Scheme. Have a look, because you can save up to 15% off and free delivery on all your orders!

Every customer can buy membership and then get lifetime benefit. You can choose from three options:

  •       BRONZE (Cost £5)
    Get 10% discount on all orders!
  •       SILVER (Cost £10)
    Get 15% discount on all orders!
  •       GOLD (Cost £20)
    Get Free delivery for all orders and 15% discount on all orders!

You can buy a lifetime membership if you choose one from the Gold, Silver or Bronze options and add it to your cart. After your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email which includes your unique discount. Your discount code is linked to your account and you must be logged in. It will not work on other account. The free delivery discount for all future orders are all automatically applied. It only works if you have purchased for the GOLD Membership discount.

How to use reward points

How to use discount codes

How to save even more with electronic cigarette?

How to save even more with electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarette can save you a lot of cash. These 4 simple steps can help to cut what you spend on e cigs, while allowing you to continue the “act” of smoking.

1.)    Make bulk purchases during promotion

We regularly post promotions and discounts where you can save money and get free items. “Buy one get one free” is a good example to buy more and you will save money! Also many from our products are cheaper when you purchased in large quantities. Cartridges and Clearomizers are already quite low in cost and are less expensive when you purchase in pack of 3 or 5.

2.)    Take advantage of free deliveries

Paying for delivery is an extra cost for you especially if you are living outside of the UK. Currently we are running a free delivery promotion for all orders! There is no additional cost at checkout. Also keep in mind that promotions are for a limited time only!

3.)    Use coupon codes

Coupons can reduce your total payment every time when you purchase! Some codes are related with batteries or kits, depending on promotion. Keep your eye on our website, because we want you to save more money with coupon codes.

4.)    Loyal scheme

We take great care of our customers. As a registered customer you can see all your previous orders, invoices, addresses etc… So why not take a chance and register on our website? If you are a returning customer, you can get reward points and discounts every time at checkout.

We invite you to explore around and consider how electronic cigarettes can save you money over traditional smoking. We highly recommend to subscribe to our newsletter to get new coupon codes, free deliveries or other discounts in the future.

Update: Ge.UK Pre Order Flavours

We would like to give a tremendous thank you to all of our customers who have supported Genesis and to those who have taken an interest in our new Ge.UK e-liquid. It’s been a rocky road kick starting the new Ge.UK flavours, but we think that it is more than worth the endeavor and we are very proud to be making the transition onto an e-liquid that is a lot more ethical and higher in quality.


Unfortunately, we are experiencing yet another unforeseen delay in the receipt of our new flavour additions to the Ge.UK e-liquid range. This means that any pre ordered new flavours of Ge.UK e-liquid will not be dispatched until the estimated date of 17.07.2015.


We are sincerely sorry to all of our customers who have invested in the new product – we truly cannot wait to share the new flavours with you and we really appreciate your interest. While we are disappointed by the ongoing delays, we are so excited and passionate about the new range, and these new summer flavours, that we are sure they will be worth the wait.


Thank you once again to all of our supportive customers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Kind Regards,

The Team at Genesis Technology Ltd.

E-Liquid Top Picks: Flavoursome Summer Vapes

E-Liquid Top Picks: Flavoursome Summer Vapes


When June comes around the sun begins to shine again, and we all get excited for the start of a new summer. What this weather really calls for is those fresh, crisp summer flavours. Luckily we’ve introduced some new flavours to the Ge.UK e-liquid range that we think are great for a refreshing vape in the sunshine.


Lemon & Lime

A nice zesty burst of crisp citrus flavours can be a top tasting e-liquid to vape in the summer time. The hint of sweetness with the acidic tang, that beautifully clean scent – we rate the sweet embrace of lemon and lime very highly indeed. Lift your spirits with a citrus spritz!

Did you know: Lemon juice naturally repels insects.



We believe menthol has got to be one of the most refreshing flavours, and that it goes down a treat this time of year. It’s a classic, and a clearly very popular vape, so we’re really happy to see it introduced to the Ge.UK e-liquid flavours. The cool throat hit really drives home that feeling of a breath of fresh air with menthol. What could be more invigorating on one of those hot, heavy summer afternoons?

Did You Know: Menthol binds with the receptors in your skin which sense cold. This makes the cold receptors highly sensitive, and that’s why menthol tastes cool. It’s also why, after having a strong mint and breathing in deeply, the air feels a lot colder.


Wild Strawberry

We love strawberries. Why? Because they’re great, that’s why. We believe that strawberry is a really nice, sweet and light flavour – it could go perfectly with a fruity summer cocktail or after a light dessert. You could even add some wild strawberry flavour e-liquid with Ge.UK Lemon & Lime flavour e-liquid to make a fruity mix.

Did You Know:  Strawberries are members of the rose family.



When the sun’s beating down and your throats a little dry, you pass a billboard – and you notice the billboard has one of those pictures of the cola bottle with little condensation droplets forming on it. The vision of it is so refreshing that it just makes you want to go and lick that billboard. That’s why we think that our new Ge.UK Cola flavour e-liquid will be just right for the summer.

Did you know: Cola can clean away rust



On those long summer evenings, when it begins to get cooler and the sun stretches down towards the horizon, it’s nice to have a warming coffee vape to see off the rest of the night. Just picture the clouds of vapour gently pluming out of your e-cigarette, like the steam rising off a coffee cup. Our Ge.UK Coffee flavour e-liquid could be quite perfect for such an occasion.

Did you know: A coffee bean isn’t actually a bean, it’s a seed from inside the coffee fruit.


Menthol Tobacco

What can we say? It’s that cool, refreshing menthol flavour that we were discussing earlier, combined with a current of tobacco flavour flowing through it. If you like tobacco, and you like menthol, then, clearly, this is the winning choice for a scrumptious any-time vape.

Did you know: Tobacco is the most grown plant in the world that isn’t used for food.

Which Ohm is Right For Me?

Every atomizer, cartomizer, clearomizer and tank has an Ohm (Ω) – this is the measurement of the level of resistance that it has. When buying these products (or replacement atomizer heads for these) it’s useful to know that the Ohm will affect the overall vaping experience you get when using your e-cigarette. That said, it’s really all down to personal preference when it comes to finding the right Ohm for you. We recommend trying a few different resistances out, and finding that one which suits your needs the best.

You are most likely to come across Ohms between 1.5 Ohm (low resistance) and 3.0 Ohm (high resistance), although it is possible to buy products with an Ohm at the higher and lower extremes of this scale. The normal or “standard” range that will found in atomizer heads, tanks, clearomizers and cartomizers is 2.4 Ohm – 2.8 Ohm.


Low Ohm

The most common range for a low Ohm is somewhere between 1.5 Ohm – 1.8 Ohm. They are available much lower, however it’s advisable to only purchase Ohms lower than 1.5 Ohm after extensive research and experience.

Features of a Low Ohm are:

  •          Creates more vapour than a high Ohm
  •          Uses up e-liquid more quickly than a high Ohm
  •          Drains the battery faster than a high Ohm
  •          Can produce a stronger throat hit
  •          Can cause dry hits (burning)
  •          Provides a warmer vapour than a high Ohm
  •          Shortens the lifespan of the battery and the coil
  •          Some believe it provides more flavour than a high Ohm


High Ohm

A high Ohm is somewhere between 2.8 Ohm – 3.0 Ohm. They are available much higher than 3.0 Ohm, however it’s advisable to only purchase lower Ohms after extensive research and experience.

Features of a High Ohm are:

  •          Creates less vapour
  •          E-Liquid lasts longer than with a low Ohm
  •          Battery lives longer and lasts longer without being charged
  •          Coil lasts longer
  •          Provides a cooler vapour than a low Ohm
  •          Some believe it provides a less “burnt” flavour


It’s important to remember that your vaping experience and the effect of your resistance level will also be affected by the voltage of your battery. Overall, it’s recommended to use a lower voltage battery with lower Ohm products, and a higher voltage battery with higher Ohm products.


What are Sub-Ohming and Cloud Chasing?

Sub-Ohming refers to the use of coils that have a resistance of less than 1.0 Ohm. This creates massive clouds of vapour. Vapers sometimes take part in competitions known as Cloud Chasing, in which vapers pit against one another to create the biggest, densest clouds of vapour in front of the Cloud Gazers (audience/spectators).

This can be dangerous without the appropriate experience or equipment. It’s not recommended for new vapours to try using less than 1.5 Ohm. If you feel that you would like to try sub-Ohming, then be sure that you have researched thoroughly so that you know that your equipment, and the way you’re using it, is safe.


Genesis Vivi Nova Atomizer Heads – Further Information


Resistance Category

Average Lifespan

Voltage Battery to Use With

1.8 Ohm


1-3 weeks

3.3V - 3.7V

2.4 Ohm


2-6 weeks

3.3V 4.3V

2.8 Ohm


6 weeks +

3.4V - 4.7V


X-Heater Atomizer Heads (For the Smart iGo) – Further Information


Resistance Category

Average Lifespan

Voltage Battery to Use With

1.5 Ohm



3.3V - 3.7V




What's in my E-Liquid?

What’s in my E-Liquid?

It is understood that vaping E-Cigarettes causes far less harm than smoking traditional cigarettes. This is why numerous people are choosing to replace their analogue cigarettes with E-Cigarettes as an alternative.
E-Liquid – the fuel of an E-Cigarette – may be less harmful to inhale than traditional cigarettes, however we should maintain an awareness of the chemicals that go into an E-Liquid when browsing the ranges available. Some of the chemicals in E-Liquids have been known to cause lung irritation when inhaled, and may cause health problems after prolonged use.
Here we would like to provide a list of the chemicals consumers should look out for when choosing the right E-Liquid.



Diacetyl is a chemical that is found naturally (in small amounts) as a byproduct of fermentation. It’s found in foods such as butter and alcoholic beverages. Because of its buttery taste, diacetyl is sometimes added to enhance the flavour of food – such as sweets, popcorn, chips, cheese and coffee.

The buttery flavour that diacetyl provides is also the reason why it’s used as a flavouring in some E-Liquids. However, reports suggest that the chemical may be dangerous when it’s heated up and inhaled. It has been linked to medical problems (including Bronchiolitis obliterans, a serious disease of the lungs) in people working in food production where diacetyl is used, such as some popcorn factories.

It’s this process of heating and inhaling diacetyl that has been seen as possibly hazardous over time, and this is why many believe it’s advisable to look out for E-Liquids which are free of this chemical.


Acetyl Propionyl 

Like diacetyl, acetyl propionyl is a chemical that is used in some foods as a flavouring to enhance the buttery taste. Acetyl propionyl, similarly, is considered by many as safe to eat, but as a potential health risk when inhaled. The chemical has been reported to cause lung disease and other respiratory problems when inhaled frequently over a long period of time.

Therefore – similarly as with diacetyl –  we suggest that consumers should try to be aware of the acetyl propionyl content in E-Liquids, and to, where possible, purchase E-Liquids which are free of this chemical.



Acetoin is also utilised for its pleasant and buttery flavour. Acetoin is a yellowish liquid with an attractive odour that’s obtained from carbohydrates by fermentation.

Acetoin may also lead to health problems – specifically respiratory problems – when heated up and inhaled over a long period of time. It is sometimes used to enhance the flavours of certain E-Liquids (specifically ones with a sweet, buttery or bakery flavour, such as custard flavour), and therefore many believe it’s advisable to be mindful of this chemical content when browsing E-Liquids, and purchase acetoin free E-Liquids wherever possible.  

Learn About E-Liquids: VG Based E-Liquids

Learn More About Vegetable Glycerin


E-Liquid is the fluid used with electronic cigarettes that is heated with an atomizer in order to produce flavours (and optionally nicotine) which can then be inhaled in the form of a vapour. Vegetable Glycerin (or Vegetable Glycerol) is a common component of E-Liquid. Glycerol (also called glycerine or glycerin) is a simple polyol (sugar alcohol) compound. It’s a colourless, odourless liquid that is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations.

An E-Liquid will typically contain either Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG) or both - and these are the ingredients in E-Liquids that give off the smoke-like vapour. The Vegetable Glycerin in VG E-Liquid also gives the E-Juice a sweet taste, which some vapers find preferable. VG E-Liquid tends to be a thicker consistency than PG based E-Liquids. This means that thicker plumes of smoke can be produced from vaping VG E-Liquids.


Glycerin in Food

Because Glycerol is sweet-tasting and generally considered non-toxic, it is often used in food and drink as filler in commercially prepared low-fat foods (because it is lower in calories than sugar), and as a thickening agent in alcohol. It’s also used as a preservative and a sweetener. Unlike sugar, it does not form plaque or cause dental cavities.

As used in food, glycerol is categorized by the American Dietetic Association as a carbohydrate. Glycerol has a caloric density similar to sugar, but a lower glycemic index and different metabolic pathway within the body, which means that dietary advocateswill accept glycerol as a sweetener compatible with low carbohydrate diets.

It’s also recommended as an additive when using polyol sweeteners, due to its heating effect in the mouth, if a cooling effect isn’t wanted.


Glycerin in Pharmaceutical Products

Glycerol is used in allergen immunotherapies, cough syrups, expectorants, toothpaste, mouthwashes, skincare products, shaving cream, hair products and soaps. It’s widely used in toiletry products, mainly as a means due to its ability to provide smooth consistency and to act as a humectant. Glycerol may also be used in tablets as a tablet holding agent. 

Learn About E-Liquids: PG Based E-Liquids

Learn More About Propylene Glycol


E-Liquid is the fluid used with electronic cigarettes that is heated with an atomizer in order to produce flavours (and optionally nicotine) which can then be inhaled in the form of a vapour. Propylene Glycol (PG) is a common component of E-Liquid. Propylene Glycol, also called propane-1, 2-diol, is an organic compound. It’s a viscous colourless, liquid that’s nearly odourless and used on a large scale in food processing.

An E-Liquid will typically contain either Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG) or both - and these are the ingredients in E-Liquids that give off the smoke-like vapour. PG based E-Liquids tend to have a thinner consistency than VG based E-Liquids, which can mean tha PG E-Liquids produce a stronger throat hit; more similar to that of tobacco cigarettes. This is one reason why some vapers prefer PG E-Liquids. Some vapers find the flavour of PG E-Liquid is less sweet than VG and therefore it’s easier to taste the other flavourings added to E-Liquids.


Allergic reaction

PG based E-Liquid tends to be a popular choice for vapers, due to it’s ability to product a strong throat hit. However, some E-Cigarette users find that Propylene Glycol causes an allergic reaction. This can manifest as an excessively dry mouth/throat, or as an irritation in the respiratory tract.

Research suggests that consumers who cannot tolerate PG probably experience a form of irritation, but that it is rare to develop allergic contact dermatitis. Other investigators believe that the incidence of allergic contact dermatitis to propylene glycol may be greater than 2% in patients with eczema.


PG in Food

Propylene Glycol is used as a humectant (E1520), solvent, and as a food additive and preservative. PG is also used in various foods such as coffee, ice cream, whipped dairy products and fizzy drinks.  Medical vapourizers used for pharmaceuticals can often include propylene glycol among the ingredients with which they are filled.Propylene Glycol is used as a solvent in many oral, injectable and topical pharmaceuticals, such as for diazepam and lorazepam.

The acute oral toxicity of propylene glycol is very low, and large quantities are required to cause perceptible health damage in humans.

Chemically it’s classed as a diol and is miscible with a broad range of solvents, including water, acetone, and chloroform.