E-cigarette batteries are one of the most important parts of your electronic cigarette vaping experience. Without that battery nothing would be powering the coil to heat up and produce that deliciously smooth vapour many have become so fond of.

So, agreeing that it is an important aspect of vaping, care should be taken with your battery to ensure you get the best potential life span and performance as possible.

Taking a few minutes of your time once a month to completely drain your E-cig battery is of paramount importance in maintaining your batteries performance. Why? Because with so many rechargeable batteries (even phones) we can over charge our batteries which leads them to forget exactly how much power they can hold. By draining the battery, it sort of resets the device and it will once again fully charge and be back to performing at its best.

If you do not let your battery run completely out every now and again your e-cig battery will stop holding charge like it should and may even loose power. A simple drain and recharge is all you need to help maintain your batteries power and keep your device in full working order for as long as possible.