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Trouble shooting my Electronic Cigarette

Trouble shooting my electronic cigarette.

Here at Genesis we understand how frustrating it must be when your electronic cigarette isn’t working to its full potential. With this trouble shooting blog we hope we will have you vaping happily again soon. There are a variety of factors as to why your electronic cigarette may not be working. It is very important to identify the problem before tampering with your device.

Battery: If it is your battery that’s causing the problem you may find that is flashing when you are trying to use it. This usually means that the battery needs charging. However if you find that your battery is not holding charge as it used to, you may want to drain the battery completely before putting it on charge, this is because your battery may have forgotten how much charge it can hold. Although charging it for too long can cause the same affect so it is important to charge the battery until the light of the USB port goes green.

Cartomizer/ Clearomizer: If your electronic cigarette is starting to taste badly it is probably time to clean out your unit. We recommend you clean your cartomizer/ clearomizers out whenever you decide to change the flavour or strength of your e-liquid. This will ensure your unit lasts longer. We would advise you to clean the outer connections of the cartomizer/ clearomizer first with a lint free cloth and then run warm water through your unit with the battery end down. This should be repeated until no e-liquid remains in the unit. After washing your cartomizer/ clearomizers you should blow through it and then leave it on a cloth battery side up for at least 24 hours to let it dry.

Also if you keep getting E-liquid in your mouth whilst you are trying to use your electronic cigarette you may have over filled your cartomizer/ clearomizer or you may be drawing on your unit too hard causing the e-liquid to flow into the middle of your unit.  If you think you may have over filled your unit simply empty some of the E-liquid onto a tissue or cloth, if the problem keeps persisting still, simply clean your unit as described above.

On the other hand if you have had your cartomizer/ clearomizer for a while it may be time to replace it as they have a usage lifespan. Unless you have a Vivi Nova tank in which case you can simply change the atomizer head and keep reusing the rest of the unit.

USB charger: If it is the USB charger that is not working you will find that the light indicator will not come on when it is plugged in. Therefore your battery will not be charged. If this is this case it is recommended that you replace the USB charger for a new one and continue to use your electronic cigarette as normal. 

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