Nicotine is a natural organic compound found in the leaves of the tobacco plant. It is a highly addictive and in its purest form is can be toxic. It is made up of numerous chemicals that can have an adverse result on your mind and body. These various chemicals changes how your body and brain behaves by giving an invigorating and relaxing feeling.


Nicotine is commonly consumed via smoking tobacco cigarettes or electronic cigarette. Smoking will deliver the nicotine into the lungs. It then enters the bloodstream through the skin or mucous membranes in the mouth, nose and lungs. Nicotine can transfuse into the blood stream and within 20 seconds of inhalation, it will be transported throughout the body and into the brain.


First the nicotine will cause your body you release adrenalin which in turn causes your heart rate and blood pressure to rise. Nicotine can act similar to the caffeine in coffee, a stimulant that constricts the blood vessels, increases blood pressure and raises your heart rate which will make your body release insulin and makes your body think that there is an excess of glucose in your blood and this is the reason why most smokers tend to have a decrease in their appetite. When inhaled with tobacco smoke in real cigarettes, it can have a very damaging effect on the human body, Carbon monoxide will damage the artery walls of your lungs weakening them to a state where you can be susceptible to stroke, blood clots and potentially heart attacks as well as lung cancer. The nicotine itself will not causes lung cancer. Lung cancer is tied the other substance and chemicals found in tobacco. However, nicotine consumption had been known to be related to heart attacks, strokes & other cardiovascular problems.


Secondly, nicotine signals the brain to release dopamine (a pleasure associated chemical). Increase levels of dopamine will make you feel relaxed which will then tell the brain to release endorphins and glutamate. Endorphin gives you the feeling of happiness which leads to the addiction.


Smoking tobacco cigarettes contain hundreds of chemical including tar.  Smoking damages your heart, lung and blood circulation. Smoking causes over 90% of lung cancer. In addition, it can cause cancer in other parts of the body. They will pile on more health problems beyond that of nicotine addiction and stimulation. Electronic cigarette are artificially made with solvent and nicotine. This is why it has been widely considered to the healthier smoking alternative.